Thursday, December 3, 2009


I got my hair rebonded for the first time yesterday at this salon just down the corner from the place we're staying. It cost me only P1000 (around $23-$25) for the whole treatment + haircut!!
I was there in salon for about 6-7 hours straight!! Luckily the only customers there, were my mum and myself. So all we did to pass time was chit-chat with the salon people and shout them dinner. (I wanted to upload the photos from my phone, but i dont have the cable etc.. grrr.)

It was a such a longg process due to my very thick hair.
1. My hair was washed and blow dried.
2. Hair was separated into sections and this hair straightening cream / relaxant or softener was applied (forgot what it was called)
3. After about a couple of hours, my hair was washed again.
4. Hair was blow-dried.
5. A hair straightener / flat iron was used to painstakingly straighten every portion of my hair until it was dead straightttttt... (this part probably took the longest, as they had ALOT of hair to straighten. lol)
6. A neutraliser cream was then applied and kept on my hair for 30minutes
7. Hair was then rinsed, and blow-dried once again
8. Hair serum was applied
9. Hair once again ironed for finishing touches.
And voila! I end up with superrr straight, smooth and shiny hair! (I wish I could have shown you guys a before and after shot, oh well...)

Only downside with getting my hair rebonded is that I'm not supposed to wash your hair for 3 days! ><
It's only been a day and my hair is starting to get greasy.. ughh i hate going to bed with unwashed hair... *sobs*

I suppose thats the price I have to pay for beauty.. harhar..


Monday, November 23, 2009


My last blog entry was a bit of a rush.. this one isn't really any better..
It's been almost a week since we arrived here in the Philippines and I've been too busy going shopping. So I guess sometimes I can't be bothered to update and write a travel blog entry..
So I'll just give a brief recap/photos of what took place during our trip to Singapore.

Here we are having a buffet breakfast at our hotel. Like i said in previous post, there were loads of food to choose for breakfast. From cereals, bacon, eggs, rice, a variety of bread and pastries, fruits, hash browns pancakes, lalala, list goes on.

We then continued the day going on a guided tour of Singapore.

on the tour bus

This is an example of the apartment building, where the locals live. They hang their clothes on a ?6metre long bamboo stick. At a very young age, girls are taught how to balance and hang the clothes on these bamboo. The tour lady said that if they didn't learn how to do this, then they shouldn't be getting married.. haha! (or something along that story..)

Visiting Little India
Ganesha - Hindu God.

Head of a lion (Singapore = lion city) and the body of a fish (as Singapore was known to be a fishing village)

Visiting a Buddhist temple

Opposite the temple.

Visiting the Gem factory.

artwork made from various gemstones..

The Botanical Garden

- At Changi Airport, Singapore.. waiting to board our plane trip to Manila.
Their airport was soooooo beautiful. It was super clean and had lots of lush plants found here and there.

Anywho, i guess that was a gist of the trip.
The rest of my photos I'll upload on my facebook later. hehe..
Ok, toodles!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hellooooo all...

I've only managed to get access to the internet tonight, so I'll just give a brief recount of what I've been up to so far..

DAY 1.. [18/11/09]

I seem to have a difficult time trying to get decent rest/sleep on long airplane trips. I can never find a comfortable position on those cramped airplane seats. The plane ride to Singapore was particularly annoying because of this woman who was seated near the window, and I swearrrrrrrr she did not close her window blinds (whatever they're called) throughout the whole 8-hr trip!!! And because of it not only was i uncomfortable, I could not even get proper rest due to the light shining ever so brightly on my face! Grrr!!!

Didn't get much sleep after we checked in to our hotel that night either.
I had to share a room with my parents, particularly my dad who is the LOUDEST SNORER I know!!!! UGHHHHHHH. The beds we're like a metre apart, but when my dad snores it was like someone was jack-hammering near my head the whoooooooooole night!!!!!

DAY 2 [19/11/09]

Started the day with an awesome buffet breakfast at the hotel. There was literally a smorgasborg of food to choose from. THE BEST!!!

We then took the MRT to City Centre to browse around the sites, went shopping at all the shopping complexes at ?ORchard boulevard (not really good at remembering places). My feet are aching sooo much from walking like a bazillion kilometres!!

I swear Singapore has got be the CLEANEST place I have ever been! I have not yet seen a single cigarette butt or rubbish on the street! The weather here is sooooooooo humid that by the end of the day I feel so sticky. ughhhhh..

The guy who sweeps the streets.

Anyways, I have to rush this blog, my internet time is about to run out.. ARRGHHH!

p.s. the food here are soooo much smaller. The KFC burgers they serve here are like the size of the bread rolls they have at KFC back in OZ.. It's probably why the locals around here stay so slim. lol.

Ok till next time.. bye!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One more sleep!

Sorry for the total lack of posting.
I thought I could make an effort to blog at least once a month.. obviously not.. ><

Anywhooooo, only one more sleep before we head off for our Singapore / Philippines trip, and honestly I wasn't as excited as I was three weeks ago. Three weeks ago I was suuper pumped to take my annual leave and get away from work! If work was to be personified, I would totally be rubbing it in his face, and be like:
"YES! I'm going on holidays and you're not! HAH! Take that! In your face Work!". lol.
Right now, I think all that excitement has fizzled out, knowing that after this holiday, it's back to reality.. and i would have to face Work once again. *sigh*

We'll be spending 3days at Singapore and spending the next three or so weeks in the Philippines. There's still some last minute packing to be done, which I will probably get around to.. tomorrow morning. hehe. As always, my mum insists that we make use of the 20kg baggage allowance. I mean seriously, she wants to fully pack all the suitcases with pasalubong, items to be given away, clothes to be repaired/altered and also some food. She's not happy until all the suitcases are bulging and bout to burst open. If it weighs 19.9kg, she could probably find something to make up the 0.1kg. It's annoying!

Call me selfish, but is it too much too ask to have a suitcase all to myself?! I refuuuuuse to pack my clothes with food and other random items! I remember, one time my mum packed some clothes for giveaway with a tin or jar of sardines. Totally not the most brilliant idea!!
I pack my own luggage so that I know exactly what's inside my own luggage and I know where everythign are. But you know, my mum has a habit of interfering and re-packing my things to make extra space, so she can sneak in a couple of items! (They could be illicit drugs for all i know! LOL JOKES!) GRRR! Remember what happend to Schapelle Corby? I don't wanna end up like her! lol

So anyway, I'll see how I go with keeping a travel blog, whatever you call it..
It'll probably just consist of me talking about how I went shopping! haha!
I hope there's free internet at the hotel or something, otherwise I am so going have major internet withdrawalssssss............ *dies* lol.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Considering that it is father's day, I'd just like to take some time and write about how awesome my dad is. Call me bias, but i think my dad is pretty amazing. I admire the fact that my he is a hard-working person, who works with such joy and fervour in his heart.. no complaints. He's not fussy or vain. He enjoys all the simple things in life and that's what makes him pretty inspiring to me.

He's 59 years old.. and for his age, he does what alot of dads, husbands or men don't/won't usually do.

Thanks Pa for..
.. doing some of my school projects back in the days..
.. teaching me how to drive, even if our driving lessons ended up with me in tears.
.. cooking when Ma was away overseas!
.. vacuuming the house every weekend
.. washing the dishes we had left piled up on the sink. lol
.. having awesome carpentry skills; the desk you made as my study table, and the shoe rack you made to store the the numerous shoes I have.
.. mowing the lawn, so our yard doesn't end up looking like a jungle.
.. sewing/hemming my jeans and work pants, because I do such a dodgy job of it.
.. voluntarily doing our piles of laundry, hanging them on the clothesline. and yes.. ironing them too!
.. being an AWESOME DAD! I love you.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you Pa and to all the fathers out there!

With all that said.. my mum is pretty amazing too! But thats for another blog. :D